Pictures of Jarod!
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Here are a bunch of pictures from when the four of us drove down to Gulf Shores, Alabama and to New Orleans.

Here's a picture of everyone that stayed at the beach - Julien wasn't feeling very photogenic at the time - he's the one in the sand between Colleen's feet. ...and there's Papa - ever the showman.

Here's a nice picture of Jarod and Julien playing together in the sand. Actually, they spent a lot of time playing together whether sand was involved or not.

Jason and Julien found a very small brown crab on the beach the day after a storm. It's in the bucket you see in the picture. That crab generated hours of excitement.

After a hard day's playing and eating we found it nice to go for a walk along the beach in the early evening. I'm sure Papa's telling us a story there about the great herd of stingrays that came by or the invasion of the Portuguese Man of War jellyfish on the beach (after the storms).

In general, Trevor really didn't like the sand - here is a rare picture of Trevor having a good time while on the beach.

DeAnne's turn to go walking on the beach with the boys.

A simple shot of the four of us...