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After the trip to "da beach" we drove some 3-4 hours to New Orleans and spent about five days with Granny (aka GG). Now that kids are in our lives, who needs Pat O'Briens, hurricanes, or fancy restaurants??? There's City Park, Chuck E. Cheese's, and the Aquarium!

Here we are posing inside of a shark's mouth at the Aquarium.

Obviously, when at Nana and Papa's house, one should play with a hat!

Here are a couple pictures of Trevor having fun at Chuck E. Cheese's - here, on the merry-go-round.

...and here on the Bob the Builder ride.

After a hard day at Chuck E. Cheese's Jarod needs some hangin' out time with GG. (yes, GG really is asleep here)

While at City Park Jarod feeds some of the birds.

Trevor would feed them too, but his cup is more important.

A photo on one of the old oak trees completes the trip to the Park.

Trevor runs around after a bath; he may hate us later for this one. ...and how 'bout that crazy hair??? (again, there's paper covering the important area)